September Equinox 2020


The Equinox falls on Tues 22 Sept 2020, exact at 11.30pm AEST.

The theme of the Equinox is always about balance.  This is the time of year when day and night are of equal length (equi-nox means ‘equal night’ in Latin), the Sun rises due east, and the seasons come to a point of balance.

This Equinox is marked by the Sun moving into the zodiac sign of Libra, the sign associated with harmony, balance and fairness.  In the Southern hemisphere this is the Spring Equinox, a time of rejoicing that winter is over and celebrating the birth of new life.

With the recent Virgo New Moon, this is an excellent time for a Spring Cleanse! 

The seasons are reversed in the Northern hemisphere of course, where this is the Autumn Equinox, a time of harvest celebration, giving thanks for the abundant crops produced by the summer months.

Whether you are celebrating Spring or Autumn Equinox, this is a perfect time to reflect on your own life, explore what might be out of balance there and find a way to restore balance, whether it’s in your relationships, your work or any other aspect of your life.



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