SuperMoon Blood Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse in Sag 2021

Blood Moon, total lunar eclipse

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Wed 26 May is a Total Lunar Eclipse, a Blood Moon that will be visible in Australia (see timings below).  And as if that wasn’t intense enough, it’s also a SuperMoon, intensifying the energies even further!!!

This eclipsed Full Moon in Sag is the second of three consecutive Supermoons this year, appearing larger and brighter in the sky than the usual Full Moon.  A Supermoon Full Moon occurs when the Full Moon coincides with the Moon’s closest point to the Earth in her monthly orbit, making the Full Moon appear much bigger in the night sky.  The effects we normally associate with the Full Moon are really heightened by the Supermoon, so we’re likely to experience feelings running high, a stronger-than-usual emotional charge and tense situations reaching a climax.  SuperMoons are also associated with higher tides than usual, and extreme weather patterns like storms and flooding.  Full Moons tend to bring situations to a head, and this is intensified by the SuperMoon – heads up police, emergency services and hospital workers!

Sagittarius, the archer

Sagittarius is eternally buoyant and optimistic, driven by the need to find meaning in life, if not THE meaning of life. The eclipsed Full Moon in Sagittarius invites us to find a balance between this enthusiastic search for truth and the need to approach an issue rationally, collecting information first rather than acting impulsively.  Sagittarius is famous for leaping into situations, all fired up, ready to fight for a cause or go on a quest, without stopping to check the facts first – and then in its enthusiasm and thirst for adventure, it doesn’t know when (or sometimes even how) to stop and rein in the energy – it’s what gives Sagittarius its OTT reputation, ie being completely Over The Top!  So use the energies of this eclipsed Full Moon to find that balance in your life.  Remember these issues will be intensified by the eclipse and the SuperMoon.

The Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius is also likely to bring issues of trust to the fore, intensified by the eclipse.

The eclipsed Full Moon falls at 5 degrees Sagittarius, so check your chart to see which part of your life is under its spotlight!

lunar eclipse
The Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is exact at 9.19pm Queensland time (AEST), and the Blood Moon itself will be visible for about 15 minutes in total, starting 9.11pm.  The rest of the time (for a couple of hours either side, starting 6.47pm and ending at 11.49 pm) you’ll see the Full Moon increasingly eclipsed, like watching the Moon go through its phases – and then slowly recovering its fullness after the intense redness of the Blood Moon.  The total eclipse time is 5 hours 2 mins.
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