Supermoon Full Moon on the Equinox

The Full Moon falls on the Equinox – how wonderful is that synchronicity, we can celebrate both at once!  It’s also a Supermoon, the last in this current series of three Supermoons in 2019, so we may well get extreme weather events (again!) and of course emotions are likely to be running high.  As with all Supermoons, the Moon is closer to the Earth at that point, so she’ll appear larger and brighter in the night sky. 

The Full Moon in Libra highlights our need to relate to others, yet it also emphasizes the need to find a balance between the needs of the self and the needs of the other, between the need for independence and the need for compromise. This Full Moon in Libra really reinforces and brings home the theme of the Equinox, the need to find balance in our lives.  The Full Moon falls at zero degrees Libra, so check the houses of your chart to see which part of your life is under the spotlight. The Full Moon is exact at 11.43am Queensland time (AEST) on Thurs 21 March, so the best time for celebrations, while the energy is still building, is the previous night.

EquinoxSolsticeThe Equinox falls earlier on the same day Thurs 21 March as the Sun moves out of dreamy Pisces and into action-oriented Aries.  The Equinox marks the change of the seasons, the time of year when day and night are of equal length and the seasons come to a point of balance.  This is a perfect time to explore what might be out of balance in your own life and find a way to restore that balance, whether it’s in your relationships, your work & family life, or any other aspect of your life.   The Equinox is exact at 7.58am Queensland time (AEST), so the previous day in Europe and the Americas.


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