SuperMoon Full Moon in Scorpio 2021

SuperMoon Full Moon in Scorpio
Secrets come to light




We’re moving into SuperMoon season now – the next three Full Moons will be SuperMoons, appearing larger and brighter in the sky and having a stronger pull on the tides and our emotions! 


The Full Moon in Scorpio on Tues 27 April is the first of three consecutive SuperMoons this year, appearing larger and brighter in the sky than the usual Full Moon.

A SuperMoon Full Moon occurs when the Full Moon coincides with the Moon’s closest point to the Earth in her monthly orbit, making the Full Moon appear much bigger in the night sky.  The effects we normally associate with the Full Moon are really heightened by the SuperMoon, so we’re likely to experience feelings running high, a stronger-than-usual emotional charge and tense situations reaching a climax.

SuperMoons are also associated with higher tides than usual, and extreme weather patterns like storms and flooding.  Full Moons tend to bring situations to a head, and this is intensified by the SuperMoon – heads up police, emergency services and hospital workers!

The SuperMoon Full Moon in Scorpio is likely to be a very emotional time when deep and passionate feelings are revealed. This Scorpio Full Moon brings a strong possibility of secret or intensely private matters coming to light, possibly with a sexual content or maybe concerning financial matters (or even both!).  Remember these issues will be intensified by the SuperMoon.  Check your chart to see which house is under the spotlight!

The Full Moon is at 7 degrees Scorpio and is exact at 1.31pm AEST.  The best evening for Full Moon celebrations and ceremony will be the previous day Monday 26 April while the energy is still building.

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