SuperMoon Full Moon in Virgo 2020

supermoonSuperMoon Full Moon in Virgo:  Tues 10 March 2020, exact at 3.47am Queensland time (AEST) at 19 degrees Virgo (the previous day in Europe & the Americas)


The Full Moon in Virgo this lunar month is another SuperMoon, the second in the consecutive sequence of four SuperMoons this year, intensifying the energies and heightening our emotional responses at these Full Moons.  SuperMoons are associated with extreme weather patterns, like all the storms and flooding we had with last month’s SuperMoon, so it doesn’t look like the extreme nature of the weather events we’re currently experiencing is likely to go away anytime soon.  In a SuperMoon, the Moon is closer to the Earth than usual, so the Full Moon appears larger in the sky, causing tides to be higher, and intensifying all the things you normally associate with a Full Moon, like feelings running high.  Full Moons tend to bring situations to a head, and this will be intensified by the SuperMoon – heads up police, emergency services and hospital workers!

The Full Moon falls in the early hours of Tues 10 March in Australia (the previous day in Europe and the Americas). The Full Moon in Virgo brings into focus our need for order and purity. Virgo is a very analytical sign, and as an Earth sign it is analytical in a practical way, trying to improve situations (and even people!) in its search for perfection.  The Virgo Full Moon highlights the need for balance between the grounded, practical attention to detail of Virgo, and the holistic vision of Pisces, and this will be intensified by the SuperMoon. The Full Moon is exact at 3.47am Queensland time (AEST), so the best night to celebrate the Full Moon will be the previous evening.  Check your birth chart to see which house is under the spotlight at 19 degrees Virgo.


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