Supermoon New Moon in Libra 2019

Libra, the scales of balance 

Supermoon New Moon in Libra   Sun 29 Sept 2019, exact at 4.26am Queensland time (AEST) at 5 degrees Libra (28 Sept in Europe and the Americas)

Full Moon in Aries  Mon 14 Oct 2019, exact at 7.07am Queensland time (AEST) at 20 degrees Aries (13 Oct in Europe and the Americas)


Skywatching  At sunset, Jupiter and Saturn are high overhead.  As the month progresses, Mercury and Venus are now seen as Evening Stars, appearing gradually higher in the western sky, with Mercury above Venus.


New Moon in Libra (Supermoon)

Focus on connection and harmony

Pluto stationary direct – huge intensity!!! 


The Saturn-South Node conjunction has been taking a huge toll – both at the collective level and at the personal level for so many people.  Saturn-South Node is a signature for loss, and with Pluto close by, the losses are being felt at the deepest level and require significant transformation for rebirth.  The climate crisis demonstrations are just one example of this.  Meanwhile we’re moving closer and closer towards the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of next January, which is bringing increasingly authoritarian, nationalist, right-wing approaches across the board.  It’s all about Power and Control, but with conscious awareness, could so easily be about providing frameworks that empower people and encourage personal responsibility.   Next year will see a number of other significant alignments as well, creating epoch-making transitions.  More on this later.


This New Moon in Libra is the last of three consecutive Supermoon New Moons, where the Moon is closer to the Earth than usual and the energy of the New Moon is intensified.  Any new cycles starting now will be enhanced by the energy of the Supermoon.

The New Moon falls in Libra in the early morning of Sun 29 Sept, starting a new cycle in your relationships and connections with others.  It also brings a renewed emphasis on the need for harmony and fairness in all aspects of your life.  Libra is the sign of the born diplomat, the mediator who can always see both sides of any issue.  The symbol for Libra is the scales, where things can be weighed and balanced.  With the New Moon in Libra, this lunar month is a good time to focus on restoring balance in your life, giving you the opportunity to consolidate the theme of the Equinox last month (see last month’s newsletter) by implementing whatever changes are required to bring your life back into harmony and balance.

Libra is an Air sign, sociable and communicative, with a huge need for fairness.  It’s also one of the leadership signs, but it doesn’t need to be out in front – quite the contrary. The leadership style of Libra is inclusive and co-operative, making Libra an excellent leader.  The challenge for Libra is decision-making!  They are so good at seeing all sides of the question that reaching a final decision can be agony for them, especially when they’re trying to keep everyone happy.  Because they hate disharmony, people-pleasing is often one of their main issues, not helped by their reluctance to confront and tackle any problem areas.  Embracing more of the assertiveness of their opposite sign Aries can be really helpful.

If your birthday is close to this New Moon, this marks the beginning of a significant new cycle in your life in terms of your identity and your sense of purpose.

If you have a planet at 5 degrees of Libra (within a degree either side), this marks the beginning of a new cycle in whatever that planet symbolises (eg responsibility for Saturn).

Remember to set your New Moon intentions within 24 hours of the New Moon. The New Moon is exact at 4.26am Queensland time (AEST) at 5 degrees Libra.  If you’re in Europe or the Americas, the New Moon will fall on Sat 28 Sept.


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