True Blue Moon!!! Second Full Moon in Aquarius 2021

True Blue Moon!!! 

Second Full Moon in Aquarius (True Blue Moon)

Sun 22 Aug 2021, exact at 10.01pm Queensland time (AEST) at 29 degrees Aquarius


We have a true Blue Moon this lunar month as the Full Moon on Sun 22 Aug is the second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius, falling at 29 degrees. You’ll see lots of erroneous media definitions of a Blue Moon, but astrologically, it’s when there’s a second Full Moon within the same zodiac sign, a fairly rare occurrence, and nothing to do with the actual colour of the Moon!  Last month’s Full Moon was at one degree Aquarius, and this month’s falls at 29 degrees, making it a true genuine Blue Moon.

This second Full Moon in Aquarius highlights again the importance of establishing a balance between the needs of the collective and the needs of the individual, something that’s very much in the news at the moment in connection with the pandemic.  This second Full Moon in Aquarius invites us – yet again – to find a solution that honours both sets of needs.

This Full Moon also provides another, second opportunity to bring new and experimental ideas into sharp focus, ideas that are likely to benefit the collective.

Full Moons often bring situations to a head, so be prepared for collective issues such as those associated with the pandemic – or humanitarian issues such as refugees (think of the plight of the Afghan interpreters for example) –  to reach some kind of crisis point, where resolution becomes imperative.  The Full Moon falls at 29 degrees Aquarius and is exact at 10.01pm AEST.


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