Uranus goes retro

Uranus goes retrograde on Sun 16 Aug 2020 (just after midnight AEST, effectively Sat night) at 10 Taurus.  This gives you the opportunity to review your life from a perspective of increased awareness, especially any innovation you may have introduced in the last 7 months. The house that Uranus is currently transiting (taking about 7 years on average to travel through a house) will be the area of your life currently under this kind of review.

If your birthday is close to 30 April, you could be experiencing the negative side of Uranus which is destabilization and chaos – transform this by recognising an opportunity to bring more awareness into your life and be more authentically yourself, a classic time for re-inventing yourself.  Uranus is retrograde for 5 months until 14 Jan 2021 when it goes direct again at 6 Taurus.

If you are born around 30 April, or have 10 degrees Taurus strong in your chart, this Uranus standstill is likely to affect you deeply – a time to reflect on your own truth and integrity, and a great cosmic opportunity to reinvent yourself.  It’s also a time to wake up to something in your life, you’ll know best what that is.  The Universe is saying that you need to bring more awareness to this aspect of your life and make significant changes there – otherwise the Universe has a way of forcing these changes upon you!

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