The Aries-Libra Eclipses 2023-25 Masterclass recording


Video recording of the Masterclass on the upcoming eclipses.  Discover how they will affect you!

Product Description

The Eclipses are coming!

Eclipse annular

The eclipses are about to move into Aries & Libra for the next couple of years.

Eclipses always bring big changes into our lives, often from left field!

If you’d like to know how these eclipses will be affecting you over the next couple of years, join my workshop!

Maybe you have planets in Aries & Libra, in which case you’re very likely to be personally impacted by these eclipses.

But even if you don’t, these signs will feature in the houses of your chart, showing us in what part of your life these eclipses will be playing out.

Plus it’s fun to explore participants’ charts, sharpen your interpretation skills and see what might be in store for us!


Join me for an in-depth look at the Aries-Libra Eclipses

 Video recording of the Masterclass presentation held  Sun 16 April 2023

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