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The Astrology of 2024

Live webinar

Sun 17 Dec 2023

stars-in-motion-2Discover what 2024 has in store for us.

Get the lowdown on next year’s Astrology – what to expect and how it’s likely to affect us.

There’s plenty happening  astrologically in 2024 – see the link below for more details.

Yes it WILL be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make the live call.  Everyone registered will gets a copy of the recording  afterwards.


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Eris, Goddess of the excluded

Live Masterclass workshop, online

Sun 6 Aug 2023

Eris workshopDwarf planet Eris is a powerful disruptor.  Discover how Eris ties into the history of the women’s movement, and in the fight against exclusion more generally.

You’ll also discover what Eris means in your own chart.

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Cycles of Venus

Live Masterclass workshop online

Sun 2 July 2023

Rose of VenusWith Venus going retrograde soon in Leo, come and explore the ancient mysteries of the cycles of Venus in this live Masterclass workshop.

You’ll also discover the deeper meaning of your own Venus placement.

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Secrets of Successful Relationships

Live Astrology webinar Sun 28 May 2023

Secrets of Successful Relationships


Learn the secrets of successful relationships and how to tune into your loved ones with Astrology!

  • Would you like to understand your partner better?
  • Your kids?
  • Other family members?
  • Your close friends?

This Masterclass workshop will reveal what your Astrology birth chart tells you about your relationship needs, and how to get them fulfilled.

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The Aries-Libra Eclipses 2023-25

Live webinar Sun 16 April 2023

The Eclipses are coming!

Eclipse annular

The eclipses are about to move into Aries & Libra for the next couple of years.

Eclipses always bring big changes into our lives, often from left field!

If you’d like to know how these eclipses will be affecting you over the next couple of years, join my workshop!

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Foundation & Intermediate courses


F-astrology-courseCourses at Foundation and Intermediate level provide you with a thorough grounding in the main astrological techniques.


astrology-intermediateThey give you familiarity and fluency in Astrological interpretation on the Foundation programme and working with the dynamic techniques of transits and progressions on the Intermediate programme.

These modules are available online on the Stargazer Astrology Academy, with special discounts available if you enrol with a Full Foundation package or Full Intermediate package which come with bonus extras too.

After this, if by now you’re an Astrology addict, there are the Advanced modules – currently taught in person, see the schedule below for 2023.


Live interactive online classes in 2023


astrology-advancedAdvanced classes are live, interactive and online in 2023.

.For a full schedule, and details of all classes, see the Advanced programme.


Advanced 1: Mundane Astrology  19 April – 21 June 2023

Advanced 2: Advanced Forecasting  12 July – 13 Sept 2023

Advanced 3: Midpoints  4 Oct – 6 Dec 2023

Advanced 4: Astro*Mapping  2 Feb- 6 April 2023

Advanced 5: Astro*Goddesses  20 April – 22 June 2023

Advanced 6: Harmonics  11 July – 12 Sept 2023

Advanced 7: Beyond the Beyond   5 Oct-7 Dec 2023

Advanced 8: Principles of Professional Practice   in 2024


Early bird registration is available, see each module for details.

Payment plans are available if needed, contact me for details.

The Plutonian Workshop ONLINE

pluto symbolFriday 30 Oct 2020

An online workshop exploring the mysteries of Pluto and Scorpio – if you have these strong in your chart, you’ll love this workshop!

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ONLINE self-paced Astrology programme  



Start anytime, learn at your own pace

Discover the fascinating world of Astrology with this step-by-step approach.  Understand yourself and your loved ones so much better.  I promise you that studying Astrology will take you on an amazing journey of personal discovery!

Course material is delivered through video, audio and comprehensive course notes via the Stargazer Astrology Academy online platform.

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All 4 modules of the Foundation programme are available online on the Stargazer Astrology Academy website.  Note prices on this platform are shown in US$* 

*If you prefer to pay in Australian dollars, register through my website link and you’ll be added to the Stargazer Astrology Academy.

Save $$ by registering for the whole Foundation programme upfront!!!  Just select Full Foundation package

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