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The Plutonian Workshop ONLINE

pluto symbolFriday 30 Oct 2020

An online workshop exploring the mysteries of Pluto and Scorpio – if you have these strong in your chart, you’ll love this workshop!

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Cycles of Venus – online workshop

Rose of VenusFriday 1 May 2020

With Venus going retrograde on 13 May, this is a great time for us to be looking at the extraordinary cycles of Venus.

In this online workshop, we’ll be exploring many different aspects of Venus, her cycles and her mysteries.

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The Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses workshop

Blood Moon, total lunar eclipse

Explore the upcoming eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius 2020-2021 and find out how they are likely to affect you and your loved ones!

This is a half-day workshop on a Thursday morning (yes week-day!) where you’ll get to meet and hang out with other astro enthusiasts! You’ll also get to explore these eclipses and their impact on your own chart.  Conversations can be continued over lunch at the yummy food outlets downstairs.

We have a lot of fun at these workshops!

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Living in Extraordinary Times – The Astrology of 2020


Recording of webinar on 21 Jan 2020.

Join Chirone on this fascinating webinar to discover what 2020 has in store for us!!

Take a look at the Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto alignments, the year’s solar and lunar eclipses, Mercury retrograde periods and the major astrological themes including Venus and Mars retrograde!   It’s going to be a huge year!!!  And of course we’ll discuss what this all means for us!

You’ll receive a link to the recording plus a pdf of the slides with all the relevant dates for this year – it makes a great handy reference!   

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Astrology Courses 2020


astrology-intermediateastrology-advancedModule 1 of weekday classes starts end Jan/early Feb on the Sunshine Coast


Is this your year to study Astrology???  Registration is now open for Astrology Courses in 2020!  More details …

Classes are available at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.  Study this ancient language of symbolism and you’ll be amazed at how you understand yourself and your loved ones at a whole new level!  Come on this amazing journey of discovery … you won’t regret it!

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ONLINE Foundation Astrology programme  


Foundation level 1: Astrology the Basics

Foundation level 2: Aspects & Chart Factors 

Foundation level 3:  Mythology & Chart Analysis

Foundation level 4: Fluency in Chart Interpretation



Online – Start anytime

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home!

Discover the fascinating world of Astrology with this step-by-step approach.  Understand yourself and your loved ones so much better.  I promise you that studying Astrology will take you on an amazing journey of personal discovery!

Course material is delivered through video, audio and comprehensive course notes via the Stargazer Astrology Academy online platform.

More details …

All 4 modules of the Foundation programme are available online on the Stargazer Astrology Academy website.  Note prices on this platform are shown in US$* 

*If you prefer to pay in Australian dollars, register through my website link and you’ll be added to the Stargazer Astrology Academy.

Save $$ by registering for the whole Foundation programme upfront!!!