Healing Modalities

As a holistic therapist, I work with a range of skills, techniques and approaches so that each individual session with a client is tailored to their specific requirements in that moment.  My focus is always on what is going to be of most benefit for my client.

Many of the clients I see have underlying trauma as a root cause of their issues.  My approach is to work in a safe and gentle manner to transform this underlying trauma.  A key principle in my approach is that the modalities I work with are gentle, yet profoundly healing and transformative.

The healing modalities I work with include:


Most people require a series of sessions, although significant shifts can happen in just one session – yet it’s good to follow through and extend that healing.   You’ll know when you’re ready!  There are options here to sign up for an individual session or a series of sessions, whichever resonates with you.


Chirone is a beautiful, heart-centred woman and one of the most powerful healers I’ve had the privilege to work with. Chirone’s treatments and insights are deep and permanent and I’ve found working with her to be uplifting and life-changing. She is able to see through to the underlying truth of the manifesting challenge and provide the right wisdom or solution to heal it. – Pia