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A mentoring series of personal transformation sessions.

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The Transformation Journey is a commitment to yourself to go on a deep journey of transformation and empowerment.  This journey takes place over a series of 6 sessions in which you are individually mentored and supported through whatever is happening for you in your life right now.  We’ll work together to identify and shift whatever is in the way of you stepping into the fullness of your being, feeling confident, authentic and empowered.

Each session is specifically tailored to your own needs and involves exploration, transformation and healing.  Here are some example topics:

  • Being at a crossroads in your life
  • Needing a sense of direction
  • Connecting with your spiritual path
  • Putting new practices into effect
  • Relationship patterns
  • Family dynamics
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Increasing your self-confidence
  • Awakening your true self
  • Reconnecting with your passion
  • Developing a vision
  • The way forward


This Transformation Journey is an excellent follow-up to an Astrology Consultation where the need for significant shifts has been identified, and you feel you would benefit from ongoing support to put these new practices into place.  This is particularly helpful when you are going through a difficult, challenging period and you may feel overwhelmed and very alone. These mentoring sessions provide ongoing support in your life as you learn to step more and more into a stronger version of yourself.

You’ll be fully supported and professionally mentored throughout your journey of transformation.  The modalities I work with are powerful yet gentle, and can really shift anything that is blocking you.

I invite you to come on this Transformation Journey, to step into the fullness of who you are, feeling free to be true to yourself and embodying the beautiful, spirited being you are 💗


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Sessions are conducted online.  Sessions over the internet are highly time-efficient if you lead a busy life, and also mean that you can go on this Transformation Journey from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world 🙂 💗