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Foundation 1 online

Product Description

The complete Foundation Programme takes you from absolute beginner in Foundation 1 to being able to interpret an astrological birth chart by the end of Foundation 4.    Foundation 1 is suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to refresh their knowledge.

Astrology, the Basics: Foundation 1 covers the essential building blocks of chart interpretation.

Discover the insights of Astrology and learn more about yourself, your family and friends in this introductory module.

Topics include:
  • the planets
  • the signs of the zodiac
  • the elements
  • modality
  • polarity
  • the angles of the chart
  • the houses

Everything you learn will be applied to your own chart, taking you on a journey of personal discovery.


What you get:

  • video and audio recordings for each unit
  • comprehensive notes
  • a copy of your own birth chart
  • tasks to practise what you’ve learned
  • self-paced learning on the Stargazer Astrology Academy platform
  • easy-to-understand structured approach
  • membership of the exclusive Stargazer Astrology Student Forum group on Facebook

This module is an excellent foundation for further study, and is also great for those wishing to refresh their knowledge of the basics.

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This course is delivered online via the Stargazer Astrology Academy.  Please note fees shown on the Stargazer Astrology Academy website (a separate platform) are shown in US dollars (it’s the equivalent amount but it looks less!).  If you prefer to pay in Australian dollars, please use the links on this page.


Private tuition is available at all levels of study, just contact me for details.


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