Full Intermediate ONLINE package


Full Intermediate online package – with BONUS tutorial!

Product Description

All 4 levels of the Intermediate Astrology self-paced online programme + BONUS private tutorial!!!

The Full Intermediate online package gives you access to all 4 modules of the Intermediate Astrology programme accessed through my online Stargazer Astrology Academy, plus a BONUS private tutorial – see below!


  • Intermediate 1: Transits, the Time of Your Life!
  • Intermediate 2: Progressions, the Unfolding of a Life
  • Intermediate 3: Dynamic Integration
  • Intermediate 4: The Astrology of Relationships


The Intermediate Astrology programme focuses on dynamic astrology, studying Transits in Intermediate 1, secondary progressions in Intermediate 2, Dynamic Integration in Intermediate 3, and then bringing everything together with Relationship Astrology in Intermediate 4.   The four levels of the Intermediate programme are carefully designed to develop your fluency in dynamic and natal interpretation, always building on material that has previously been introduced, and expanding your understanding in all these areas.

The special BONUS with this package is a one-hour private online tutorial with Chirone (valued at AU$150) which enables you to discuss matters of interest, ask more detailed questions, and apply the material studied to your own personal birth chart.


What you get:

  • video and audio recordings for each unit
  • comprehensive notes on all topics
  • tasks in each unit to practise and extend what you’ve learned
  • sample celebrity charts to develop fluency in chart interpretation skills
  • easy-to-understand structured approach
  • self-paced learning on the Stargazer Astrology Academy platform
  • access to the exclusive Stargazer Astrology Student Forum on Facebook
  • BONUS private tutorial, in addition to the private tutorial all students get at the end of Intermediate 4

Everything you learn is applied to your own birth chart, taking you on an exciting journey of personal discovery!

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This course is delivered online via the Stargazer Astrology Academy.  Please note fees shown on the Stargazer Astrology Academy website (a separate platform) are shown in US dollars (it’s the equivalent amount but it looks less!).  If you prefer to pay in Australian dollars, please use the links on this page.


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Private tuition is available at all levels of study, just contact me for details.