Rose of Venus

Cycles of Venus – online workshop


online Astrology workshop exploring the cycles and mysteries of Venus

Product Description

Rose of VenusFriday 1 May 2020

With Venus going retrograde on 13 May, this is a great time for us to be looking at the extraordinary cycles of Venus.

In this online workshop, we’ll be exploring many different aspects of Venus:

  • Venus in mythology
  • The dual goddess
  • Cycles of Venus, including relevance to the Mayan calendar
  • The Rose of Venus
  • Venus retrograde
  • Venus as Morning and Evening Star
  • The Gates of Venus
  • The meaning of Venus in your birth chart
  • Venus in your relationships 

As always in my classes. you’ll be applying everything you learn to your own birth chart.

You’ll receive: a copy of your chart and comprehensive notes.

The link for the online workshop will be sent to you on registration.

Workshop fee: Early bird $49 if registered by Fri 17 April 2020 (shown here as “Sale”).  Full workshop fee $59.

Discounted fee for current Stargazer Astrology Academy students: $39