Spiritual Path & Life Purpose in the Birth Chart


Sat 27 March 2021, online

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Spiritual Path & Life Purpose in the Birth Chart


Discover what your birth chart reveals about your spiritual path and life purpose.


Sat 27 March 2021, 10.30am–12.30pm, online.  Webinar details will be sent on registration


Would you like to know more about your spiritual path?  In this workshop, you’ll discover what your birth chart can reveal about your spiritual path and your life purpose, what the Universe is asking of you this lifetime.  It’s all there in the chart!  We’ll explore what extra support there may be in your chart to help you in this direction. 

We’ll also look at what your chart reveals about what is likely to challenge you on this journey, and how easily you can sabotage yourself in this area of your life.

You’ll be amazed at what Astrology can reveal about your life and patterns of behaviour that can undermine your spiritual progress.  Find out how to transform these energies so you can use them positively and make them work for you!

This workshop is in two parts.  The first half of the workshop (the presentation part, about an hour) will be recorded and available afterwards to everyone who is registered.

The second half of the workshop (the second hour) is where we explore your personal charts and look at what your personal Astrology reveals about your own spiritual path.  This part will NOT be recorded as we’ll be dealing with sensitive information – so if you want to examine your chart with me, you’ll need to be on the live call!  Otherwise, if you can’t make it live, you can watch the recording afterwards and work with the notes and the copy of your chart that I’ll send you.

Suitable for Foundation level upwards – you’ll need some familiarity with the qualities of the zodiac signs.


Workshop fee:  AU$69* includes workshop notes, a copy of your birth chart and access to the workshop recording.

*Early-bird AU$59 (shown here as ‘Sale’) if you register by Fri 12 March.

*If you’re currently studying Astrology with me, there’s an additional discount, see our student forum for details.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please get in touch with me!

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