Foundation 1: Astrology – the Basics


Astrology – the Basics    LIVE interactive online module


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The Foundation Course takes you from beginner in Foundation 1 to being able to interpret an astrological birth chart by the end of Foundation 4.    

Everyone is welcome – complete beginners and those wanting to refresh their knowledge.


Foundation Astrology – Level 1

Astrology – the Basics

Tues 2 Feb – 30 March 2021  (10 wks)
10am – 12noon  Qld time

Discover the insights of Astrology and learn 
more about yourself and your loved ones in this introductory module.


Astrology – the Basics covers the essentials of chart interpretation.

Topics include:

  • the planets
  • the signs of the zodiac
  • the elements
  • modality
  • polarity
  • the angles of the chart
  • the houses

You will receive a copy of your birth chart and apply everything you learn to your own chart, taking you on your own journey of personal discovery.

This module is an excellent foundation for further study, and is also great for those wishing to refresh their knowledge of the basics.

Module fee AU$597* includes manual with comprehensive notes 
and your own astrological birth chart

If you’d like to study this module by private tutorial, use the drop-down menu and select Foundation 1 by private online tutorial.


CLOSING DATE for Registration is Fri 29 Jan 2021


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Foundation 1

Class: Foundation 1 only, Class: FULL Foundation Programme (4 modules) – SAVE!!!, Private: Foundation 1 by private online tutorial