Transits, the Time of your Life! Intermediate 1 ONLINE


Intermediate 1   ONLINE

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Intermediate Astrology – Level 1 ONLINE

Transits, the Time of Your Life!

 online – anywhere, anytime 

‘Transits – the Time of Your Life!’ explores how the planets influence us throughout our lives, including times of crisis and transition.  Understand why the so-called “Mid-Life Crisis” is so challenging, how we can pinpoint the exact timing of its phases with Astrology, and how you and your loved ones can navigate these challenging times more consciously.

Everything we study in the Stargazer Astrology Academy is applied to your own chart – taking you on an amazing personal journey of discovery!

This is the first level of Intermediate Astrology studies – Intermediate 1 – suitable for those who have already completed a Foundation course and have a good understanding of Natal Chart Interpretation.


Module fee AU$396 includes video and audio recordings, comprehensive notes 
and charts