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What does the year ahead hold for you?


A Future Update session builds on the previous Personal Insight session you’ve had with me, and explores what each year ahead holds for you and how your life journey is unfolding.

Every year brings changes and challenges, as well as supportive energies.  It’s very empowering to know what the Universe is asking of you at any time, and how to work consciously with the astrological energies around you to integrate them in a positive way into your life.   You’ll find out the exact timing of these astrological contacts, which can be really helpful when you are planning changes in your life, such as a career change or moving house.   This knowledge enables you to work in harmony with the Universe, allowing the Universe to support you in your life.

As always, your session is digitally recorded so you have a permanent record of your consultation. There is a lot of information given in a session, including dates, and clients have commented that the recording is a very valuable resource, enabling them to listen again and obtain even more from the session.

Sessions are conducted over the internet, so distance is no problem, we just need to negotiate time zones!

A Future Update is a one-hour session.


Please note: This option is for existing clients who’ve already had a Personal Insight session (full Astrology Consultation) with me.  If you haven’t seen me before for an Astrology consultation, please book a Personal Insight session.  Thanks! ❤️