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Deepen your understanding of a specific relationship in your life.  See description below for more information 💗

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Product Description

A Relationship Insight session takes an in-depth look at a specific relationship in your life, using the charts of both people in the relationship.

First we look at what your birth charts tell us individually about each of you in relationship – what your emotional needs are, where your passion is likely to lie, and how you naturally relate to others.  The birth chart can also indicate if there are likely to be any challenges that can distort relationships, such as lack of self-esteem or the tendency to give away one’s power.

Then we compare the two charts and see how you affect each other – what you each bring out in the other.  This can reveal where you are naturally in tune with each other, where you support each other, and where you may clash – and how to transform those clashes 🙂

There is a third energetic in any relationship, and that is the relationship itself.  We take a detailed look at the chart of your relationship, and what that tells us about your purpose and direction together.

Lastly, we explore the astrological influences on you right now, and the year ahead – your relationship chart will respond to these changing influences, as will your individual birth charts.

Sessions are conducted online, and recorded so that you have a permanent record of your consultation.

An understanding of the Astrology of your relationship certainly helps you appreciate its complexity 🙂 💗