Time to ‘fess up – more on Saturn in Pisces

Time to ‘fess up – more on Saturn in Pisces



OK I have a confession – I’m an eternal optimist.  Some would say over-optimistic.  It’s all that Fire in my chart!


I know that when I wrote my first blog about Saturn moving into Pisces, I was erring on the side of generosity, and let’s face it, optimism.  After all, Saturn gets a really bad press and it’s not always gloom and doom, it’s capable of bringing the most amazing benefits.


So when I wrote about Saturn in Pisces bringing new opportunities for governments to enforce strong boundaries around our oceans and waterways – and finally saying NO to all the appalling practices such as dumping raw sewage in rivers (especially UK) and toxic and/or radioactive chemicals into our waterways and oceans (name anywhere you like), I was coming from that place of optimism.  I praised Tanya Plibersek, Australia’s Environment Minister for recently saying No to a proposed coal mine development as it would be too much of a threat to the Great Barrier Reef.  This was of course wonderful, but sadly it turned out to be a one-off (with much fanfare), a bit of window-dressing to make it look like this Government was being effective in this regard.


The Australian government has since passed ALL the other 116 coal-mines and fracking operations that were awaiting approval – late on a Friday afternoon, which smacks of trying to bury the news and hoping no-one would notice.  When I discovered this sleight-of-hand, I was heart-sick and absolutely appalled at the devastation that would follow.


So my apologies to you for being WAY too over-optimistic on that score.  The truth is – the potential was there – Astrology always speaks to us about potential – but somehow at the collective level, or more accurately at the government level here in Australia, they didn’t step up and fulfill the cosmic opportunity presented to them.


Part of my optimism is my belief in people, that they will wake up sufficiently to actualise the potential presented to them at any given moment.  I guess it’s like holding a client in “unconditional positive regard”, a mainstay of professional counselling practice.  I hold out hope, until it’s obvious that the time for hope is over.


However there is some good news.  In that blog, I also spoke about Ecocide, and the growing movement to make Ecocide a crime under International Law.


OceanVery recently, with Saturn at the very last degree of Aquarius, about to enter Pisces, the UN announced the Global Ocean Treaty, designed to protect the world’s oceans.  This has been a long time in the making, and represents a huge achievement on the part of all involved.  It seems a very fitting image for the beginning of our Saturn in Pisces journey.


So yes, there is hope – always! 


Saturn has two and a half years in Pisces to make this hope more of a reality.



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