family constellations

…. dissolving entanglements so love can flow freely again ….

Family Constellations (systemic constellations) is a remarkable healing modality that can address many different aspects of our lives and bring resolution to them.

It is a particularly useful modality for healing relationship issues as these patterns of relating are energetic imprints formed very early in our lives, through our experience in the family we were born into or grew up in – it is just as effective for people who are adopted as for those who grew up in their birth family.

The kind of issues that can be explored with Family Constellations include family secrets, family illnesses, deaths in the family and issues with grief, especially grief that is not acknowledged (for example if there has been a suicide in the family).

Family constellations work is experiential and essentially works with the energy field of the participant. Through exploring your family of origin (the family you grew up in) or your current family, entanglements can be dissolved so love can flow freely again. Constellations work can bring about profound healing through very gentle means.

Constellations work is a modality that can be applied to any system, not just families, so although it is popularly known as Family Constellations, it is more accurately termed Systemic Constellations.

I run Constellation Days and Family Constellations weekend workshops on a regular basis. For these workshops, you can come along either as a participant, which means you get to work on your own family, or as a representative, which means you have the opportunity and privilege to represent family members in other people’s constellations. constellationsThe experience of being a representative can bring a lot of insight into your own family patterns and you can derive considerable healing from the experience.

I’ve been involved with (and fascinated by!) Family Constellations work for many years and in 2008 I became a trained facilitator studying with Margarete Koenning, a wonderful and highly skilled practitioner. Since then I have been facilitating my own workshops and bringing this phenomenal healing modality to more people.

If you would like to participate in Family Constellations and would like details of upcoming workshops, please contact me here.

Family Constellations Day with Chirone was a very powerful, transformational & healing experience for me. Chirone’s expertise and the loving support of the group rendered a powerful healing within me. I would recommend this process to anyone seeking a gentle yet powerful experience. – Sri