Holistic Therapy & Counselling



Counselling is a holistic, person-centred approach to self-empowerment.

Counselling can help in many areas of your life when things seem to be getting too much for you or you are under stress in any way.

It can also help when you feel stuck in any aspect of your life such as your relationship or your career.

Counselling provides the opportunity to explore your concerns with the help of a trained professional.

I’ve been a professional counsellor for many years, specialising in relationships, family dynamics, grief & loss and periods of life crisis.

I offer non-judgmental support and guidance, helping to facilitate your healing journey through ways discussed and agreed with you.  I respect your values, individuality and self-determination.

Confidentiality is really important and is at the heart of the therapeutic service I provide.

Counselling sessions are conducted over the internet via Zoom, or can be over the phone.

Please note that a series of counselling sessions is usually required.

Sometimes I may supplement counselling sessions with flower essences and other vibrational remedies, as I find that these support clients to work through whatever issues they are facing, by holding them in a safe space as they move through the journey they are on.

You can book for a single session with me, or if you’d like to commit more deeply (and save $$) you may like to consider the Transformation Journey.


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