Mars-Saturn: An end to the fighting in Ukraine?

Ares god of WarMars-Saturn conjunction

An end to the fighting in Ukraine?

Although the news has been horrendous since the invasion of Ukraine over a month ago, things may reach a turning point on Mon 4 April, when Mars catches up to Saturn at 22 Aquarius, the degree of Ukraine’s Moon – also the degree of Zelensky’s Midheaven, representing his standing in the world (and explaining his mass appeal in Ukraine).

Mars and Saturn are the two planets representing misfortune in traditional astrology – Mars is the god of War and Saturn is the Grim Reaper, a rather nasty combination.

However we could interpret this conjunction more positively as Saturn restricting and setting boundaries on warlike activities, even stopping it altogether.

And although we can’t be sure of his birth time (or even the date – as befits a previous head of the secret service!), the chart generally circulating for Putin has this same degree at its IC, which (if correct, and that’s a big ‘if’) could signify things coming to an end in a very personal way for Putin.

Here’s hoping that at the very least, this sees an end to the fighting.



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