Rose of Venus

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Rose of Venus

With Venus going retrograde on 23 July 2023 AEST, this is a great time for us to be looking at the extraordinary cycles of Venus and her retro cycle through Leo this year.

Recording of Masterclass held Sun 2 July 2023

In this Masterclass we explore the ancient mysteries of the cycles of Venus.


In this Masterclass, we’ll be exploring many different aspects of Venus:

  • Venus in mythology
  • Venus as a dual goddess
  • Cycles of Venus, including relevance to the Mayan calendar
  • The Rose of Venus
  • Venus retrograde
  • Venus as Morning and Evening Star
  • The Gates of Venus and Venus’ journey


You’ll also discover the deeper meaning of your own Venus placement in the workshop section (this part was nor recorded for reasons of privacy).


This Masterclass is aimed at Intermediate/Advanced level

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