astro*consultancy service

planning a special event?
a wedding? opening a new business?


When you are planning a special event, astrology can be used to maximise the natural cosmic support available to you from the Universe. Your event can be planned, timed and fine-tuned to maximise the beneficial effects of the current astrological influences and minimise any challenging aspects.

Few people appreciate that the success of any new undertaking can be affected by the phase of the Moon, and even the position of the Moon with respect to other planets ā€“ this is in addition to the influence of the current major astrological energies which also play their part. The Moon moves quickly through the zodiac, changing signs every two and a half days, and towards the end of each sign can go ‘Void of Course’, meaning that she makes no major aspects before changing signs. The traditional meaning for anything started in a Void of Course Moon period is that ‘nothing will come of it’ ā€“ certainly not an energy that you would wish for a special event which marks the beginning of a significant new phase in your life.

Through my astro*consultancy service, I can ensure that none of these astrological contra-indications are present at your special event, and furthermore that it is perfectly timed to bring into high focus all the positive astrological energies. In this way, you know that you are working in harmony with the Universe.

For those really special events, it’s worth enlisting the natural help of the Universe, giving you that extra edge when it comes to the success of your venture.

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