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iStock_000020024294SmallAstrology is a powerful tool to gain insight into the underlying energies at work in your life. The awareness gained from an astrology consultation can often be the spark which ignites tremendous growth and healing in people’s lives.

Astrology works with cycles of time, revealing how people are affected by planetary cycles at different stages in their life.

An astrology consultation is particularly valuable if you are experiencing a life transition period when things can get very intense. Examples are the Saturn Return between the ages of 29 and 30, and the so-called “mid-life crisis” – astrology pinpoints four distinct phases of the mid-life transition between the ages of 36 and 46. These are generational life transitions, meaning that everyone experiences them at approximately the same age – the problem is, most people don’t know when to expect them, not unless they consult an astrologer.

There are also personal life transitions, at times unique to you, when the planets trigger certain points in your birth chart. If you know that a time like this is approaching, you can really benefit from the experience by choosing to work consciously with the energy and turn the experience to your advantage. If you’re in the middle of it, the astrological awareness of the archetypal energy affecting you brings an understanding of the underlying meaning of the current events in your life – what it is that the Universe is currently demanding of you.

Chirone’s passion and expertise was vibrantly evident in my consultation.  I gained so much clarity, confidence and insight around my own blue print and potential, plus the influences at play now for me.  But so far beyond being just a ‘report’, Chirone eloquently tied the pieces together and made such practical suggestions of how to work with and positively utilise the energies at play.

Georgi Mack
Company Founder & General Manager

Arranging an Astrology Consultation

An astrology consultation uses astrological charts drawn up from details of your birth – I will need to know:

  • your date of birth
  • your place of birth
  • your time of birth (as accurately as you know it)

If you don’t have an accurate time of birth, don’t let this put you off – contact me anyway, as there are ways that we can work with this.

These astrology charts provide our framework for exploration, going as deeply or as gently as you choose, allowing a clarity and depth of understanding to emerge.

Astrology consultations with me typically include the following themes:

  • professional life – what kind of professional path you are naturally most drawn to, and whether there are current challenges and changes indicated astrologically
  • spiritual path – what direction your spiritual path potentially leads you in, how to come more into alignment with your spiritual path, and awareness of what may sabotage you in this respect
  • relationships – an in-depth look at your relationship needs and expectations, your patterns of relating, and the kind of partners you may attract to yourself; also whether there are current challenges and shifts indicated astrologically in your relationship life
  • family dynamics – explores the influence of the family you grew up in and how this shapes your relationship needs and expectations; also looks at your current family situation
  • current trends – explores the areas of your life currently most affected by change, how long this influence will last and how to work with these energies with a higher level of consciousness
  • future trends for the next 12 months – with advance knowledge of coming changes, you can choose to work consciously WITH the Universe willingly and creatively, knowing the timing – when the energies are likely to be strongest, and when the experience is likely to be over – rather than unconsciously resisting the changes the Universe is bringing you. As I’ve said to clients many times, we can either go willingly, or the Universe will drag us kicking and screaming – the change is inevitable, it’s our resistance to it that causes us pain. Knowing that such changes are about to enter your life is a priceless gift which enables you to prepare for the coming times – it doesn’t necessarily mean gloom and doom – the foreknowledge can enable you to prepare and take the necessary steps so that you are ready and can ride the waves when they do come.
  • where in the world? – a look at your birthchart mapped over the world, to see how relocation affects your experience of your chart – a new way of understanding why we can feel so different in different parts of the world.

Thank you so much for your time, energy and expertise …. I feel much more confident about who I am and the way forward. I shall enjoy future readings when these current cycles have run their course.

Astrology consultations are available either face-to-face in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, or over the internet (via Skype) for long-distance clients, including overseas – distance is no object, although time zones may need to be negotiated!  Consultations are for an hour and a half.

Future Update sessions are available to clients who have previously had full chart readings with me.  Future Update sessions are for one hour, and focus on the astrological influences on you over the next 12 months.

All sessions are digitally recorded so you have a permanent record of your consultation. There is a lot of information given in a session and clients have commented that the recording is a very valuable resource, enabling them to listen again and obtain even more from the session.

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I wanted to thank you for doing my chart and for explaining it so well. It has been a great help in pinpointing some important areas and clarifying some major life patterns and timing. It was also affirming around my life purpose. I have been listening to the recording every few days in the car while travelling, gaining fresh insights each time – such a valuable working tool. Thanks once again.

Journalist, training facilitator