Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon – Full Moon in Taurus 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon – Full Moon in Taurus 2022

Blood Moon

The Full Moon in Taurus on Tues 8 November is a total lunar eclipse, amping up the energy of this Full Moon.  Full Moons tend to bring situations to a head and a total lunar eclipse really adds to the intensity of whatever’s happening.

This total lunar eclipse will be visible as a Blood Moon on the east coast of Australia, starting with the partial eclipse phase at 7.09pm AEST (add an hour to these times if you’re on daylight savings).  The Full Blood Moon Eclipse is from 8.16pm-9.41pm AEST, with the maximum eclipse at 8.59pm AEST.  After the total Blood Moon phase, it moves once more through partial eclipse before the Full Moon becomes visible again after 10.49pm AEST.

lunar eclipseIf you’re in New Zealand, Japan or the west cost of Canada, you’ll get a stunning view of the entire Blood Moon eclipse, including the penumbral (half-shadow) stages before and after the partial eclipse stages.

At the collective level, the eclipsed Full Moon in Taurus asks that we bring our attention to Mother Earth, that we honour our role as her guardians and the caretakers of our beautiful planet. This is a cosmic invitation to create a new path forwards, taking conscious action to insist that governments, multinational corporations – and even individuals – stop abusing their power and stop abusing the planet.

Mercury and Uranus are strongly configured here, so this lunar eclipse could well bring some surprising or even shocking news to light. Keep an eye on the international news around this time!

As the eclipses continue to move through the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, our challenge is to let go of outdated exploitative business models that ravage the Earth, and create a path which honours the Earth and all forms of life here.

At a personal level, this eclipsed Full Moon in Taurus brings into focus your ability to be sensuous and grounded and is an excellent time to indulge the senses and pamper the body.This Full Moon invites you to find a balance between the physical sensuality of Taurus and the emotional depth of Scorpio, great if everything is open in your relationship, but if there are underlying issues around jealousy or possessiveness, this Lunar eclipse could bring the situation to a head with some emotional drama playing out!

Check your birth chart to see which house is under the spotlight at 16 degrees Taurus as this is the area of life where matters may come to fruition or be revealed, intensified by the eclipse.

This eclipsed Full Moon is exact at 9.02pm AEST (Queensland time).

Take care during this eclipse season!


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