Jupiter moves into Taurus

Jupiter  moves into Taurus

Jupiter canstockphoto

Jupiter moves into Taurus on 17 May and immediately meets a challenging contact to retrograde Pluto at zero degrees Taurus/Aquarius.  This could mean tussles between the justice system and entrenched power – whether that’s the government or other shady power players.

Not only that but just before Jupiter moves into Taurus, it activates the degree of last month’s hybrid Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Aries.  Whatever was started at that eclipsed New Moon now gets a huge boost of energy – and this will play into any power struggles that arise as Jupiter moves into Taurus and makes that challenging square to Pluto.

We can expect (and maybe hope!) that Jupiter in Taurus will bring changes to the law regarding all kinds of things associated with Taurus – which could range from farming, land care and crops to finance and banking industries.

The principle of Jupiter is to bring more justice into the system.  Interesting in this respect that a lot of talk is happening around restorative justice, for example issues of reparations to descendants of former slaves, a topic that has raised its head again following a 2-year investigation by the Guardian into who and which organisations benefitted from slavery in the 18 & 19 centuries, especially in the time after Britain had formally abolished slavery.  This investigation was carried out while Pluto was in the last degrees of Capricorn – representing the dying embers of the entrenched power of the establishment.

There’s also the possibility that Jupiter in Taurus, along with Pluto in egalitarian Aquarius, could bring debt relief to developing countries who have struggled for so long under the punitive conditions imposed by western aid.

Watch the period between 17-24 May for potentially volatile developments on these themes as Mars enters the picture and forms a tense T-square with Jupiter and Pluto.


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