Jupiter moves into Aries

Jupiter moves into Aries

Jupiter canstockphoto
Jupiter changes signs this month, moving into the action-oriented sign of Aries on 11 May for just over 5 months before briefly revisiting Pisces.  With a contact to Uranus at this changeover, it’s likely that Jupiter’s entry into Aries might come with a surprise or two.

Jupiter often brings changes to the law, looking at questions of justice, morals and ethics.  One example of its movement through Pisces over the past year is that it’s brought questions connected with water to the fore: water catchments, fracking, the oceans being poisoned, and pollution from the fishing industry.

Aries on Fire

As Jupiter moves into Aries we’re likely to see questions arising around warfare and armaments – Mars the ruler of Aries was after all the god of War.  There could also be new legislation around family violence, and perhaps too around issues in the sports world, such as gender identity in competitive sport.

Mars joins Jupiter in Aries on 25 May (AEST). Transiting Mars is always like putting your foot on the accelerator, especially in Aries.  I hate to say it, but traditionally this is an indicator of warfare, with Mars providing the action and Jupiter the confidence.  Personally I would love to see this energy channelled more positively into large-scale action on the climate emergency.  Whatever the cause, this is definitely a call to direct action.  Meanwhile send your prayers and intentions for peace to all countries suffering conflict right now.

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