Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces

OceanJupiter – Neptune conjunction

Once every 13 years, Jupiter meets up with Neptune and the influence of their combined energies is felt strongly.

Neptune is a visionary, seeking unity, dissolving boundaries, and endlessly compassionate.

Jupiter enhances whatever it comes into contact with, making this combination a very potent humanitarian mix – even more so given that both planets are in Pisces where they are strengthened.

There’s also a desire for equality and egalitarianism, which has linked this conjunction with socialism in world history.

This Jupiter-Neptune conjunction could see a move away from the right-wing governments that came to power under the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of a few years ago.

The danger with Jupiter-Neptune is that the dream, the ideal, can simply be an illusion, so it is important to focus on strong, practical foundations for any plans envisioned now.

The conjunction is exact at 23 Pisces (almost 24 degrees) just after midnight on 13 April Queensland time, the previous day in Europe and the Americas.



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