New Moon in Gemini 2024

New Moon in Gemini 2024



New Moon in Gemini 
Thurs 6 June 2024 at 10.37pm AEST at 16 Gemini

Full Moon in Capricorn 
Sat 22 June 2024 at 11.07am AEST at 1 Capricorn

Saturn and Mars can be seen as morning stars in the east before sunrise.

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The New Moon falls in Gemini on Thurs 6 June, bringing an opportunity to begin a new cycle in the way we communicate, network and exchange ideas.

As an Air sign, Gemini is naturally objective and rational, so has a real talent for dealing with information.  Gemini has a combination of sociability and extreme curiosity – the answer to one question simply creates more questions!  Through its association with the media, this can be an excellent sign for journalism. Gemini is also associated with education, and the natural curiosity of this sign often makes learning effortless.  A New Moon in the sign of Gemini can usher in a new cycle in any of these areas.

If your birthday falls close to this New Moon, within a day either side, this marks a significant year ahead for you.  The new cycles starting in your life now are likely to be in connection with your sense of self, your identity and your purpose in life.

The New Moon falls at 16 degrees Gemini.  If you have points in your birth chart close to this degree (within one degree), then a new cycle is likely to begin in that part of your life (eg relationships for Venus).

The New Moon is exact at 10.37pm Queensland time AEST.  Remember to set your intentions in the 24 hrs immediately after the New Moon.


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