Last SuperMoon of this year – Full Moon in Aries 2023

SuperMoonSuperMoon Full Moon in Aries 

The last SuperMoon of this year


SuperMoon Full Moon in Aries   Fri 29 Sept 2023 at 7.57pm AEST at 6 Aries


Also heads up that with this Full Moon, we head into eclipse season, a time to be particularly careful. The eclipses start with next month’s New Moon solar eclipse. Pluto will be adding to the intensity by stationing direct just a few days before the eclipse.


The last of this year’s SuperMoonsthe Full Moon in Aries– falls on Fri 29 Sept. As always with a SuperMoon, the Full Moon is closer to Earth than usual and so appears larger and brighter in the night sky. The SuperMoon  has a much stronger-than-usual effect on us, heightening emotional dramas, overstretching emergency workers, and bringing higher tides and extreme weather events.

This Full Moon in Aries highlights our ability to be assertive and take action.  It requires us to be able to stand up for ourselves by being sufficiently assertive (Aries) while also being able to maintain harmony (Libra).  It calls for us to find a balance between our need for independence (Aries) and the need for co-operation with others (Libra).  The Full Moon is always about finding that balance between the opposing signs.

Full Moons often bring situations to a head, so be prepared for issues (whether at the personal or collective level) to reach some kind of crisis point where resolution becomes imperative. Any crisis happening now will of course be heightened by the SuperMoon.

The Full Moon is at 6 degrees Aries, so wherever this point falls in your chart is the area of your life that will be under the spotlight now.

The Full Moon is exact at 7.57pm Queensland time (AEST).

Expect feelings to run high more so than usual with a Full Moon, remember it’s a SuperMoon!

NOTE:  This Full Moon ushers in the eclipse season, the six-week period around the eclipses when we need to be extra careful.  The next New Moon, two weeks after this Full Moon, is a solar eclipse.  Stay conscious in this two-week period leading up to the solar eclipse, and of course for the following four weeks.  Take extra care – accidents are much more likely to happen around the time of eclipses.

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