Supermoon Full Moon – but is it a true Blue Moon???


Supermoon Full Moon – but is it a true Blue Moon???


The Supermoon Full Moon falls in Pisces on Thurs 31 Aug and the media is awash with stories of a Blue Moon.

But is it a true Blue Moon??

This phrase gets bandied about in the media whenever there are two Full Moons in a calendar month, saying that the second one is a Blue Moon. That’s the popular MSM definition.  It’s almost correct, but not quite!

I’ve always understood the correct astrological definition of a Blue Moon to be when two Full Moons fall in the same zodiac signa much rarer instance than two Full Moons falling in the same calendar month.  For this to happen, the first one has to fall at zero or one degrees and the second one at 28 or 29 degrees of the same sign.

The last time that happened was Sun 22 Aug 2021 when we had the second Full Moon in Aquarius (ie a BLUE MOON) at 29 degrees Aquarius.  The first Full Moon in Aquarius had been on 24 July 2021 (ie in the previous calendar month) at 1 degree Aquarius.

So no, sorry to disappoint everyone, but this isn’t a Blue Moon.  The next true Blue Moon will be on 21 July 2024 at 29 Capricorn.

It is of course a Supermoon though – the third of four Supermoons this year, intensifying the Full Moon energy.

As always with a Supermoon, the Full Moon appears larger and brighter in the sky than usual, and has a much stronger-than-usual effect on us, heightening emotional dramas, overstretching emergency workers, and bringing higher tides and extreme weather events.

This Full Moon in Pisces highlights the importance of finding a balance between holding the creative vision (Pisces) yet at the same time paying attention to the mundane details which ground that vision (Virgo).  If these two polarities are out of balance, you either get a vision that can’t be brought through to reality, or one that evaporates and is lost through too much attention to detail.  Full Moons are always about bringing polarities into balance.

This Full Moon could also bring Piscean themes of sacrifice and martyrdom into sharp focus.

Full Moons often bring situations to a head, so be prepared for issues (whether at the personal or collective level) to reach some kind of crisis point where resolution becomes imperative. Any crisis happening now will of course be heightened by the Supermoon.

The Supermoon Full Moon falls at 7 degrees of Pisces and is exact at 11.35am Queensland time (AEST) on Thurs 31 Aug.  The best time for celebration and ceremony will be the previous night while the energy is still building.  Expect feelings to run high … it is a Supermoon after all!

Enjoy the Supermoon! 

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