Cracks in the system – first Saturn-Uranus square

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The first of three Saturn–Uranus squares this year is exact on Thurs 18 Feb.  This energy combination of the old vs the new is the hallmark signature of 2021, and is certainly part of the massive polarization that is playing out in so many different areas of society.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, a new direction that disrupts the status quo, one that is usually exciting and renders the old systems obsolete, probably bringing them crashing down around our ears.  I call it “earthquake” energy because that’s what it feels like.  The old system is shaken up and has to crack open in order to let in the light, the light of conscious awareness and expose those hidden parts where maybe there have been misuses (or even abuses) of power.

Saturn is the planet that represents the status quothe old order, the entrenched system that may have become rigid and resistance to change.  To the old order, the prospect of the changes that Uranus is bringing is terrifying, as everything they know and hold dear could come crashing down!!!  Chaos!!!  And they’re right up to a point, because the lower vibration of Uranus is chaos and revolution, even anarchy.  So they try to resist the changes that are hurtling towards them.

Every planet has its higher and lower vibrations, and the cosmic invitation with this Saturn-Uranus square is to integrate the positive qualities of these two vastly different energies.

The higher vibration of Saturn is clear boundaries, responsibility and structure, such as providing frameworks, regulations and laws.  But one of the negative ways that Saturn can manifest is control, based in fear, so the question that arises is: is Saturn creating clear boundaries to protect people and protect society, or is it being repressive?

Similarly, is Uranus championing individual rights and freedoms, innovations and new technology that can benefit humanity, or is it being rebellious for the sake of it?  Or possibly even autocratic, another of Uranus’ negative faces?  How disruptive is this likely to be, and at what human cost?  Is anarchy on the cards?

The kind of challenges that we’re already seeing arising with this Saturn-Uranus square are:

  • Regulation (Saturn) of the big tech companies (Uranus)
  • Mandatory laws (Saturn) vs individual rights and freedoms (Uranus) (especially around the pandemic)
  • The banking system (Saturn) vs cryptocurrency (Uranus)

It’s possible that on some topics, you’d side with Saturn, and on others you’d side with Uranus, that’s natural.  However what the Universe is really inviting us to do, is to find a way through the polarization and integrate the positive expression of these two energies, such as providing a legal framework (Saturn) that supports an innovation (Uranus).

In the first exact Saturn-Uranus square, the Moon is close to Uranus, which suggests that people will identify more with Uranus, and that individual rights and personal freedoms are likely to be a hot topic during this first contact.

(If you’d like to hear more on this fascinating topic, I discuss the Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021 further in my Paradigm Shift webinar which is now available as a recording.)

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