Maritime disasters – the heavens conspire?

TitanicMaritime disasters – the heavens conspire?


You can’t have missed the number of disasters at sea that have happened recently.  The word ‘dis-aster’ literally means bad-star, ill fortune, and there seems to have been plenty of that around in the past week or so.

First was the refugee boat that sank off the coast of Greece with hundreds of people on board, including women and children trapped below decks.  It’s not yet known how many have died, and it’s being described as one of the worst sea disasters in the Mediterranean.

Then there was the Titan submersible, on a tourist trip to the similarly ill-fated Titanic, an example of fate playing cruel tricks.

And most recently, refugee boats sinking near the Portuguese coast and the Canary Islands.


Astrologically, what’s going on?

Neptune, god of the seas and ruler of Pisces, the sign it currently occupies, is almost stationary.   It is about to go retrograde close to the fixed star Scheat which is associated with drowning, imprisonment, and extreme misfortune.  In both the Greek refugee tragedy and the Titan submersible, there are themes of imprisonment as well as drowning.

Scheat was strongly configured in the launch of the Titanic, so here’s one of the strange links of Fate that bound the Titan submersible and the “unsinkable” Titanic.

The Greek refugee disaster was on 14 June, the Titan lost contact on 18 June. The Sun, acting as a timing device, has been squaring that stationary Neptune on Scheat this past week, exact on 19 June, while Saturn, the grim reaper, also in Pisces, turned retro on 18 June, adding his voice to the theme of death by water.

Neptune will be around that degree of Scheat for the next few years, so maritime disasters are likely to feature heavily in the news cycles, especially with the huge migrant and refugee crises unfolding.  Be extra cautious if you’re planning a sea voyage!


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