Solar eclipse Second New Moon in Aries 2023

Solar eclipse Second New Moon in Aries


Eclipse annular

Solar eclipse Second New Moon in Aries  Thurs 20 April 2023 at 2.12pm AEST (Queensland time) at 29 Aries

Lunar eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio  Sat 6 May 2023 at 3.34am AEST (Queensland time) at 14 Scorpio

Skywatching   Venus can be seen twinkling brightly as the Evening Star, with Mars (the red planet) visible overhead at sunset.  Saturn can be seen quite high in the eastern part of the pre-dawn sky.


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The eclipses are here!!!  We have both a Solar and Lunar eclipse this month, so the whole lunar month is a time to be extra careful under the influence of these eclipses.

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The New Moon on Thurs 20 April (AEST) is not only a hybrid solar eclipse, but also the second New Moon in Aries, falling at 29 degrees of that sign (last month’s New Moon was at zero degrees Aries).  If this were a Full Moon, we’d call it a Blue Moon, but here it’s a New Moon and an eclipsed one at that, which really ramps up the energy.  This solar eclipse is the first of the Aries-Libra eclipses that will be happening over the next couple of years.A hybrid solar eclipse is one which moves between being an annular eclipse and a total eclipse – both are forms of a total solar eclipse.  An annular eclipse is one where the Sun is not completely blacked out by the Moon but shows a ring of fire around the eclipse (annular from the Latin word for a ring).  The eclipse will be visible in Exmouth WA in the north-west part of Australia as a total solar eclipse – everywhere else in Australia will see it as a partial eclipse, getting less the further away you are from WA.   Here’s a great link from the ABC – with cool animations!

A total solar eclipse is an intensified form of a New Moon, and here we have the second New Moon in Aries, repeating the themes of last month but now far more intensified, as if the Universe really wants to make sure that we get the message!

This eclipsed New Moon in Aries brings a second opportunity for a bold and exciting new start.  Aries’ natural approach to life is to take action, breaking new ground in a pioneering or even crusading venture, or taking up a cause that’s worth fighting for.

As a Fire sign, Aries is full of enthusiasm and focused on the future.  Aries tends to act first and think later, hence its reputation for being impulsive, so take a moment to weigh your options before jumping in feet first!

Remember that eclipses bring change into our lives, often from left field, so be extra careful throughout this lunar month as we are in eclipse season the whole time.

If your birthday falls close to this date (within a day either side), this is the beginning of a highly significant new cycle in your life, particularly with regard to your sense of identity and purpose in life.

Wherever you have 29 degrees Aries in your chart, this is the area of your life that will be most affected by this eclipsed New Moon – for example, if it falls in your 10th house, this signifies the beginning of a significant new cycle in your career or professional life.

The New Moon is exact at 2.12pm AEST (for the Virgos among you, the eclipse is exact at 2.17pm AEST).  Your New Moon resolutions will be especially powerful with the effect of this eclipse.  Remember to set them in the following 24 hrs.


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