Venus starts her new 584-day cycle


 Venus starts her new 584-day cycle

On Thurs 4 June Venus gets to the midpoint of her retrograde journey and joins with the Sun.  This is known as the inferior or interior conjunction of Venus to the Sun (as it’s the one nearest the Earth), and it’s especially significant because it marks the beginning of the next 584-day cycle of Venus, a cycle sacred to the Mayans.

Following this, she will soon rise in the East as the Morning Star, her warrior goddess incarnation, a time that was traditionally seen as a good omen to go to war.  She’ll be first visible as a Morning Star around Fri 12 June, rising in the pre-dawn light before the Sun in the east – you’ll need to get up early to see her in her glory!!!

The lovers Venus and Mars are at odds this month, with Mars in dreamy Pisces and Venus in curious Gemini all month long – in fact because of her retrograde motion, Venus will be in Gemini for a total of 4 months The lovers are unlikely to see eye-to-eye, and will have to put a lot of effort into getting along together this lunar month.

Rose of Venus

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