Echoes of 8 years ago?

Echoes of 8 years ago?


Just as the Sun lines up opposite Pluto and squares the new Aries-Libra nodal axis, Venus stations turning retrograde.


Venus turns retrograde on 23 July at 28 Leo.

Venus signifies our urge to relate to others.  Don’t be surprised if old friends and lovers reappear in your life during the retrograde phase of Venus – you may hear from people you haven’t seen for ages.  Or you may be the one seeking to reconnect.  Venus retrograde often brings an opportunity to revisit past relationships, especially if there is any unfinished business there.

Venus retrograde moves through 8-year cycles, so think back to what was happening for you eight years ago in July 2015 when Venus last went retrograde in Leo, for insight into the themes that might arise for you this time round (or 8 years further back, 2007, 1999 … ).

Venus is retrograde for six weeks until 4 Sept 2023.  If you have Taurus or Libra prominent in your chart (especially as your rising sign), Venus retrograde cycles are likely to have a strong impact on you.

Venus will continue to be visible as the Evening Star for a couple of weeks after she turns retrograde, but will be seen gradually lower in the evening sky until she is no longer visible around 6 Aug as she gets closer and closer to the Sun.

With her retrograde conjunction to the Sun, Venus disappears for two weeks, after which time she emerges transformed as the Morning Star, and a whole new 584-day cycle begins (a cycle sacred to the Mayans).

In ancient times Venus was seen as a dual goddess – the Evening Star was her peaceful aspect, whereas the Morning Star was her warrior incarnation, and the rebirth of the Morning Star was seen as an auspicious time to go into battle.  Venus will reappear as the Morning Star from around 19 Aug.

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Venus enters her retro shadow 2023

Rose of VenusFrom 19 June onwards, Venus enters the shadow of her upcoming retro journey.

You’ll notice that Venus is becoming brighter and brighter in the evening sky as she comes closer to us on planet Earth.

She’s getting ready for her retrograde phase which starts on 23 July (and yes, that’s why she’ll stay so long in the sign of Leo – around ten weeks instead of the usual three).  In this time she’ll disappear from view and then re-emerge as the Morning Star, a mystery that intrigued ancient astrologers!

In this shadow retro phase, you may start to notice the beginnings of the influence of Venus retrograde – such as old lovers turning up in your life again … ❤️
It’s more noticeable once Venus is actually retrograde, but this shadow period is the lead-up and if you pay attention, you’ll often notice indications of what’s to come.

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Venus starts her new 584-day cycle


 Venus starts her new 584-day cycle

On Thurs 4 June Venus gets to the midpoint of her retrograde journey and joins with the Sun.  This is known as the inferior or interior conjunction of Venus to the Sun (as it’s the one nearest the Earth), and it’s especially significant because it marks the beginning of the next 584-day cycle of Venus, a cycle sacred to the Mayans.

Following this, she will soon rise in the East as the Morning Star, her warrior goddess incarnation, a time that was traditionally seen as a good omen to go to war.  She’ll be first visible as a Morning Star around Fri 12 June, rising in the pre-dawn light before the Sun in the east – you’ll need to get up early to see her in her glory!!!

The lovers Venus and Mars are at odds this month, with Mars in dreamy Pisces and Venus in curious Gemini all month long – in fact because of her retrograde motion, Venus will be in Gemini for a total of 4 months The lovers are unlikely to see eye-to-eye, and will have to put a lot of effort into getting along together this lunar month.

Rose of Venus

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