Turbulent energies accompany New Moon in Taurus 2023

Turbulent energies accompany New Moon in Taurus 2023

Time to examine your security needs



New Moon in Taurus   Sat 20 May 2023 at 1.53am Queensland time (AEST) at 28 Taurus
Full Moon in Sagittarius   Sun 4 June 2023 at 1.41pm Queensland time (AEST) at 13 Sagittarius


Venus can be seen as the Evening Star, twinkling more brightly as she comes closer.  Mars the red planet is visible just above Venus.  Saturn rises after midnight and Jupiter rises just before dawn.


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We’re finally out of eclipse season with this New Moon – and now that Mercury’s direct again, there’s a sense of moving forwards at long last.  I don’t know about you but I’ve certainly found the past month quite challenging on all technological fronts!

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The energies at the start of this lunar month are likely to be especially turbulent, with Mars, Jupiter and Pluto involved in a challenging T-square configuration between 17-24 May.  On top of that,  just before moving into Taurus on 17 May, Jupiter activated the degree of last month’s hybrid solar eclipse at 29 Aries, giving a huge boost of energy to anything that began at that eclipsed New Moon.  Think back to the New Moon intentions you set then and review their progress.  (Click on the links for more info on those)

This potent Jupiter-Pluto combination could mean tussles between the justice system and entrenched power – whether that’s the government or other shady power players. With Mars in the picture things could get volatile, possibly even violent.  The aspect certainly indicates fighting against the powers-that-be, or at least taking action in some way, such as protesting on the streets.

One image that comes to mind for me for this astrological combination is the possibility of legislation against gun violence – we’re seeing protesters demanding it on the streets of Belgrade in Serbia after two mass shootings there last week.  And it’s way overdue in the US, where guns are now the leading cause of death for young people, but the NRA and other entrenched power-players still hold plenty of sway in government decisions. It’s possible that Jupiter could now shift the energy in favour of the justice system.

In the midst of all this, we have a New Moon in Taurus on Sat 20 May.  The New Moon in Taurus represents an opportunity to begin a new cycle in our relationship with the physical world and with Mother Nature, a reminder of the extinction crisis underway, that the media (and governments) seem determined to ignore.

This is more urgent now than ever.  Uranus has been moving through Taurus for the last 5 years, waking up more and more people to the reality of the extinction crisis.  One of the potential outcomes for Jupiter now in Taurus is that legislation could be implemented to protect the planet and the fragile ecology of the environment.  This New Moon in Taurus extends an invitation for us to begin a new cycle in our relationship with the Earth and to act as her guardians.

Taurus is associated with security in its many forms – emotional, material and financial – and this need for security (or more accurately, the fear of lack of security) can give rise to the sign’s tendency towards possessiveness and material accumulation.  Use this lunar month to explore your own security needs and your relationship with abundance.  We may even see significant changes in the financial world – again Jupiter may well bring that in.  It’s an opportunity for us to begin a new cycle in our finances!

At a personal level, this New Moon is an excellent time for enjoying luxury and pampering our physical bodies, indulging in sensuous pleasure.  Taurus does love luxury!

If your birthday is close to this date, this New Moon marks the beginning of a significant new cycle in your life in relation to your identity, your sense of self and your purpose in the world.

If you have chart points at 28 Taurus, this New Moon signifies the start of a new cycle in whatever that planet represents (eg responsibility for Saturn).

The New Moon is exact at 1.53am Queensland time (AEST).  Remember to set your New Moon intentions in the following 24 hrs.


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