Venus enters her retro shadow 2023

Rose of VenusFrom 19 June onwards, Venus enters the shadow of her upcoming retro journey.

You’ll notice that Venus is becoming brighter and brighter in the evening sky as she comes closer to us on planet Earth.

She’s getting ready for her retrograde phase which starts on 23 July (and yes, that’s why she’ll stay so long in the sign of Leo – around ten weeks instead of the usual three).  In this time she’ll disappear from view and then re-emerge as the Morning Star, a mystery that intrigued ancient astrologers!

In this shadow retro phase, you may start to notice the beginnings of the influence of Venus retrograde – such as old lovers turning up in your life again … ❤️
It’s more noticeable once Venus is actually retrograde, but this shadow period is the lead-up and if you pay attention, you’ll often notice indications of what’s to come.

If you’d like to learn more about the amazing cycles of Venus, including which phase of the Venus cycle you were born under – are you an Evening Star or Morning Star Venus? – and what that means for you – come along to my next workshop Cycles of Venus.


Cycles of Venus

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